Welcome to Albert Einstein High School PTSA
Kensington, Maryland
The Einstein PTSA is run by volunteers like you.  Let us help you find that one-time or recurring task that fits your talents and schedule.  Volunteering is a great way to meet other parents and stay up-to-date on the world of Einstein!

Can you fill a vacant position?  Reliable, Quality Support Guaranteed!  Just contact one of the Officers to learn a bit more.

Board of Directors

President:  Drew Cohen
Vice President for School Improvement:  Open
Vice President for Programs: Open
Vice President for Communications: Mary O'Driscoll
Secretary: Karen Clark
Acting Treasurer: Karen Clark 
School Representative:  Open
African-American Engagement:   Open
Hispanic Engagement: Open
Student Representative:  Vacant
Special Needs: 
MCCPTA(Montgomery County Council of PTAs) Delegates: 
    Delegates: Susan Morawetz   Alternate Delegate:  Open

Lead Volunteers

PTSA Support
Membership: Vacant
Painless Fundraising Programs - Snider's Receipts: Heather Lair
                                            Giant, Safeway, and Target (2 Needed):

Communication Support
Newsletter Coordinator:  
PTSA Website Coordinators:  Drew Cohen and Mary O'Driscoll
PTSA Listservs (E-mail Lists): Deb Ferrin
Directory Coordinator: Vacant
Einstein Cluster Coordinators: Alison Gillespie
Spanish Translators (3):  We need skilled volunteers to translate into Spanish 2-4 short articles each month via e-mail.

Student Support
Reflections: Gretchen Jones
Teacher Support
Staff Appreciation: Karen Lee (Acting)
Minigrants: Felicia Lulli
College Fair (Monday, Oct. 10, 2016):  Lisa Tunick
Gift Wrap Fundraiser at Westfield Wheaton (Nov. 29 - Dec. 24, 2013): Sandy Patterson
A Taste of Einstein (February 2017):  Open  
After Prom (April 2017): Vacant and Vacant
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