Welcome to Albert Einstein High School PTSA
Kensington, Maryland

Do you have a great idea?!

The Einstein PTSA is eager to hear your creative ideas! Next deadline is Nov. 30
, so please submit your applications right away. Grants will be awarded throughout the year.  

What are PTSA minigrants? Every year the Einstein PTSA awards minigrants of up to $500 for innovative programs, classroom needs, training, special projects, equipment, etc.

Who can apply? Teachers, staff, club sponsors, coaches, students, parents. You must be a PTSA member to apply. Parents/students should apply with a school staff member who is associated with the proposal.

When is the deadline? The committee will meet and approve grants three times a year. Next deadline is Nov. 30 and applicants will hear if their grant is approved within two weeks. But, you can apply now. Grants will be awarded before deadlines, if merited.

What are the criteria? According to PTA guidelines, “… a gift to the school should benefit the largest possible number of students.” Applications that benefit the most students will get first priority. The longevity of a proposal and how widely it affects a subject area or grade also will be determining factors.

Are there any restrictions or requirements?Minigrants should be viewed as seed money for innovative ideas, not as a continuing source of revenue for a program. Anything funded through a minigrant is a PTSA donation to the school not the applicant. After a grant is approved, the PTSA requires a brief report on the outcome, whether goals were met, how it impacted the school or group, unexpected benefits, etc. Original receipts or invoices are required.

How are funds awarded? Receipts or invoices from approved grants can be submitted to Juan Ramos, AEHS Financial Specialist (Juan_F_Ramos@mcpsmd.org).

How do I apply? Complete the attached form and drop it off in the PTSA box in the AEHS mailroom or email to minigrant committee chair Felicia Lulli. 

Do you have an idea that doesn’t fit the minigrant criteria? Please let us know anyway. The PTSA will consider larger grants for innovative ideas that enrich and enhance education at Einstein.

Questions? Contact committee chair Felicia Lulli.


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