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PTSA Officers' Duties and Time Commitment

President:  Presides at all meetings of this local PTSA, the board of directors, and the executive committee; coordinates the work of the officers and committees; works closely with the Principal or his designated point of contact; and represents our PTSA at MCCPTA meetings or sends an alternate.

Time Commitment: Ongoing, with some times busier than others and occasional meetings during the school day

Three Vice Presidents (one each for School Improvement, Communications, and Programs):  Each acts as an aide to the president and performs the duties of president in the absence or inability of that officer to serve – in the order designated above.

Time Commitment: Ongoing, with some times busier than others

Secretary:  Records the minutes of all meetings of our PTSA the board of directors, and executive committee; is prepared to read the records of the previous meeting; files all records; has a current copy of the bylaws; and maintains a membership list.

Time Commitment: Ongoing

Treasurer:  Has custody of all funds of our PTSA; keeps a full and accurate account of all receipts and expenditures; makes disbursements as authorized by the president or the board of directors, in accordance with the budget adopted by our PTSA; presents a written financial statement at every PTSA meeting; is responsible for the maintenance of such books of account and records in conformance with our PTSA bylaws; is responsible for preparing and filing all necessary tax forms; and has the accounts examined at the close of the fiscal year and upon change of treasurer by an auditor or an auditing committee of not less than 3 persons.

Time Commitment: Ongoing, with some times busier than others 

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